mercoledì 30 ottobre 2013

Halloween Last Minute Make Up Tutorials Playlist

As I told you last year, Halloween is one my fave holiday of the year, and that's why there were a few different post about it. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of spare time this year so I'm only gonna make this one post about Halloween :/
I'm feeling super lazy lately and I've been very stressed so I'm not planning to wear any costume or any special make up at the Halloween party tomorrow. Maybe I'll just wear horns.
But I hope you're all gonna live the whole Halloween experience tomorrow so here it is a little list including what I reckon to be the best make up tutorials on youtube for this year.
I?m warning you that it could be a bit nerdy tho :P

I'm starting with two Harley Quinn tutorial. She's one of my all time favorite characters from DC comics, she's super pretty, funny, sexy and well... mad. As a comic character her costumes has had various interpretations/rendering by various artist so there's a lot of different possibilities!
The Firs one is by Julia Graf and the other is by Goldie Starling

Again another comic character, another villain. Here's a tutorial that will turn you into Mystique from the X-men. I picked this one among the other tutorial on the same character because it's probably the more wearable and also this one is by Michael James, men I love is accent!!! Even if you're not familiar with super hero comic books you should know about Mystique anyway 'cos she's featured in the very popular X-men movies (both in the main saga and in the reboot one).

Ok this one is quite original and the title (plus the preview) speak for itself. It's something very different and tragically up-to-date. If you want to be a little polemic on Halloween night, this video from the lovely NikkieTutorial might be just what you need!

I've seen a lot of "dark/sad/goth but still not not spooky clown" tutorials this year, looks like it's gonna be such a huge trend for Halloween 2013. My favorite one is from Nikkie again. Hope you like it!

What are you gonna do tomorrow night? Please let me know about your plans and costumes I'm really curious about it! And don't forget to have fun and eat a lot of candies!

***Scusate ragazze ma anche per questa volta ho i secondi contati e non riesco a mettere la traduzione in italiano. Chiedo perdono e spero che l'inconveniente non si ripeta più sorry***

domenica 27 ottobre 2013

Fashion Weeks - My (belated) picks... PART II

Hi girls! Here a few more things I loved.

DSquared2: I loved the 60's/70's mood and the super bright colors clashing with the black and white pieces. Thumbs up for the orange-ish lips!

I like the minimalism of Chloé collection. So clean and elegant, but never "in your face" (if this make any sense... :P)

Sorry this one is so short and english only but I've been freaking busy lately. Hope you all ha a nice and lovely week end!

lunedì 21 ottobre 2013

FASHION WEEKS... my (belated) picks [PART I]

I know Fashion Weeks ended last month but at that time I wasn't here to talk about'em with you hence this is by no mean a post about the whole thing. I just wanna share my picks and know what are your favorite outfits/collections too.
*** So che le Fashion Weeks sono terminate il mese scorso, ma ancora non ero tornata per poterne parlare con voi, quindi questo non vuole assolutamente essere un post esaustivo su l'intero evento. Voglio solo condividere le cose che mi sono piaciute di più. ***

I love the Comme des Garçon collection for spring/summer 2014. To be honest what I actually love about it it's the edginess, the fact that it so weird and unusual, but I guess I'd never where anything like that even if given the chance to for free. Maybe I just liked the show itself more than the actual dresses.
*** Amo la collezione primavera/estate 2014 di Comme des Garçon. Francamente quello che ho apprezzato di più è la sua stravaganza e il fatto che sia strana ed eccessiva, ma penso di poter dire tranquillamente che non indosserei niente del genere anche se avessi la possibilità di farlo gratis. Probabilmente mi è piaciuto di più lo spettacolo in sé per sé che gli abiti veri e propri. ***

domenica 20 ottobre 2013

Guess who's back...

back again

Yes dolls, it's me!
I'm finally back, after a not so planned and quite long summer break. Neglecting my blog last season just felt so wrong the whole time, so I made up my mind and decide to start again. 
Please bear with me while I give myself another chance to live this amazing adventure.

*** Sono io! Si bellezze sono finalmente tornata, dopo una lunga pausa estiva non proprio pianificata. Per tutto il tempo non ho potuto fare a meno di pensare che abbandonare così il mio blog fosse terribilmente sbagliato, quindi mi sono decisa a ricominciare. Vi prego di sopportarmi e supportarmi mentre mi concedo una seconda occasione di vivere questa meravigliosa avventura. ***